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Discover my universe through my black and white work.

Travel my world, share my vision of the elements thanks to my long exposure photography technique.

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Julien Carcano is a complete artist in the deepest form. He has always been evolving with the arts, constantly discovering new horizons and novelty.

Right from the beginning, his appetite for the natural environment drove him to the prestigious doors of the National Art School in Dijon, where he studied for 4 years before continuing to the National Art School in St. Etienne for a further 2 years. During his time there he practiced numerous media disciplines such as photography, video, painting, sculpting and engraving. His experience, along with the mixed multi-cultural ambiance of the schools, confirmed his vocation and fully revealed his deep creative nature. Julien’s art is instinctive and he is always looking for new challenges and experiences, which have included recent trips to Brazil.

His aim in Brazil was to embrace the richness and incredible diversity of the Brazilian culture. This encounter highlighted the richness in culture compared to Europe, and both fascinated and motivated him. The Brazilian people have is a completely different approach to life, including how they use space and what they prioritise as being important. They know how to appreciate the time that flows, which is something we have completely lost here in Europe.

Back in Europe, Julien did not lose his taste for discovery and decided to go to England. He is currently living in London, a city full of vast talent and innovation. New language, culture and professional experiences are just some of the challenges that are pushing Julien to become more adaptable at his art. He is creating his own Graphic Design company, Artery-Crea, where he is practicing, creating and composing various projects. London has so far managed to feed his constant need to be inspired, thanks to numerous contacts all coming from various backgrounds.

The contact with the Fine Art Photographer Noel Clegg who is a longue exposure photographer will particularly inspire Julien. A new collaboration has been born to exchange respective know-how and skills. This technique will prove revolutionary in offering a large playground to develop upon his creative spectrum. Releasing the shutter is now a complete different dimension.

“I naviguate through the place, look at it, observe it, listen to it and feel it. We have to open ourselves to the place if we want to be able to frame its deep spirit”

he is entrusting us.

Julien freezes the time for a couple of seconds and frames the emotions at this precise moment, by using a very sobre minimalist style. He reads the beauty and the simplicity of the place and retranscribes it to us. Its composition reveals a game of texture, material and new geometry lines that you can’t expect.

The power of its work exists in even the connexion between surnatural/unique/new to the place and as well as its post production processing work which allows him to sublime/fine tune/perfect the reality that he felt by Julien when on spot: accentuate the lignes, sobre the elements, profile the angles to transmit a beauty and a emotion more grabing. Lost in between reality and fiction, magic happens. We’ll be ending by the Artist’s words faithful to its generosity:

« today, I want to share this experience through the world, and travel the world to share my vision »

Paris - Nanterre - Mars 2013

This was my first photographic exhibition ever and I was very pleased to see the way that people were looking at my work.* I have to say that I was a bit anxious to see peoples initial reactions, but the amount of positive feedback that I received was very encouraging. I liked the fact that my exhibition seemed to challenge people to question their own understanding of what I was trying to portray, which in turn created some fantastic Q&A behind my interpretation of photography. I am now very excited to experiment and refine my techniques to ensure that the next exhibition is even more successful.

Thanks a lot to all of you who commented and shared their feelings.

It is very much appreciated.

Exhibitions to come

FRANCE, Lyon: From the 17 June till the 12 July 2013

FRANCE, Paris - Matignon: From the 22 October till the 22 November 2013

and more to come...


"Vous avez su donner du corps a l'Ether! Bravo et merci pour votre regard epure qui nou sodnne une image de la purete meme sur des elements quotidiens que nous ne savons plus voir."

Marie-Anne S

"Magnifique, un voyage vers l'infini."


"Tres belles photos! Les titres m'ont fais sourir! Beaucoup de sensibilite! Bravo"


"50 Nuances de gris! Original"


"Beau et reposant a la fois. Bravo!"


"Tres touchant et sensible"



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